Put a note in your diary

It’s that time of year again! We have to say goodbye to a trusted companion, one we keep by our side everyday. One that reminds us of important occasions, anniversaries and when to pay the bills. One we consult before we make important decisions and one we can trust with our innermost thoughts, even a secret or two! Amazingly, as much as we need our special companion, the time is coming when we will have to say goodbye and wave them off into retirement. Somehow, we will all have to find a replacement too.

Every year we go through this trauma and hope that our new companion will be as good as the old. I am one of those people who usually holds on to my beloved diary until the end of January. Of course the problem is that there is no February, even if you do use the last few pages of notes! I have to accept the inevitable. Sometimes I am lucky and I can then pick up a cheap one on a sale. Some years I am not and have to dig around in my drawer for one of those promotional freebies that find their way into my hands from insurance or pharmaceutical companies.  On other years I am blessed with good fortune and my good wife gives me a nice one instead of a pair of socks at new year. Hint, hint!

A good quality diary is a popular and affordable gift in Turkey. When I lived in London anything with a good binding that would actually last 12 months was pricey. One year, I thought I could avoid this annual trauma and get a re-usable folder that you can also load up with store cards and pictures of your family. However, I found it nearly impossible to get refill diary pages (when I remembered to replace them – in late January).  Our love affair was to be short-lived, in less than a year my expensive personal organiser had become a personal disaster. Fortunately, in Turkey there is no room for confusion because the Kağıtçı family produce a real classic  – the ECE Ajanda / Diary.

ECE Diaries is one of a handful of brands which are synonymous with, or help us to understand the word ‘classic’. They remind me of the past and also give me something nice and durable to look forward to using all year long.

The Kağıtçı’s produce a desirable collection of 28 diaries, ranging from hard-wearing items any commuter can slip into their pocket and use on the move, to ones that are as chic as they are practical. This year, if I am lucky enough to get one, I’ll make it my New Year’s resolution to put a special note in it. This will be on a page in December, “N.B. Don’t forget! Buy two ECE Diaries.” One for myself and one for my wonderful wife, of course!

1 minute challenge:

The last two paragraphs contain 3 words or phrases which are synonymous with well-made. Can you find them?

The answers are in my next post – The Kağıtçı family diary.

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