Join the conversation!

Each week I meet with groups of friends who want to “keep up” or improve their speaking and proficiency in English. Some want to give presentations, negotiate and represent their organisations, others want to pursue their careers and studies overseas. Together, we explore various topics in English – the way it is really spoken. Like a coach, I focus on their strengths and help them to achieve their goals – in English.

What can I do to improve my English?

  • Fortunately, our natural communication skills give us everything we need to learn a language. The more we hear and do in English, the more fluent and successful we become. Language courses don’t always give enough time for listening or talking, so its important to do real things – in English.
  • Try to increase your daily exposure to English. Give yourself a few minutes to read, watch and listen to the posts here on talkingturks. Try to do the 1 minute challenge. Read others’ comments and write one yourself. In this way you will really be doing something everyday – in English 🙂
  • Make it a habit. Here on talkingturks you can link to news, weather, cultural events and other online resources for using your English.
  • When it comes to speaking, you need regular conversation. A good conversation course will tune your listening and get you talking. Practical exercises and role play will help you to focus on what is being said. You will hear and adopt new words and expressions and pick up on pronunciation.  So, if you want to keep and improve your spoken English – join the conversation!

Please feel free to contact me about my conversation groups and one-to-one coaching.

Bruce Graves