Winter tea

Starting the day with a delicious cuppa (cup of tea) is nice anytime of year but in winter it’s made all the more satisfying when it’s bursting with flavours from summer and autumn.  One of my favourites is a traditional Turkish winter tea – bits of dried orange peel, cranberries, rosehip and spices like cinnamon and clove. My friends swear it’s a cure for the common cold but to be honest I am addicted to the tangy, zesty bits.

Another packs a colourful assortment of fragrant herbs and flowers including yellow and white camomile, and purple echinacea. I take a sip, close my eyes and imagine myself lying on my back in a meadow, with not a care in the world.

Don’t forget to try one before it’s spring!

1 minute challenge:

How many words that have something to do with time can you find in this post?

The answer is given in my next post – teatime.

Vimeo <— watch the video of this post


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