Explore the world, one cup at a time

In Galle, Sri Lanka, a special ‘white tea’ is grown that comes from the newest, unfurled leaves at the very top of the bush. It can take a plantation a whole month to produce just one kilogram, worth up to $1,500! Nevertheless, it’s worth buying a few grams now and again just to savour the beauty of nature.

Not all tea is from the famous Chinese tea bush. There are thousands of wonderful herbal infusions. In South Africa, for example, you can enjoy rooibos (redbush) and honeybush – beautiful teas that are virtually caffeine-free.

If possible, try to buy and use tea that you can see. Tea that looks and smells good, probably is good. Teabags are seldom worth writing home about and those little bits at the bottom look and taste awful! Honestly, with teabags, there is no comparison on taste and most of what you are paying for is packaging. So… don’t be lazy, your pocket, the environment and your taste-buds deserve better.

If you can, try to buy from a shop that blends its own tea. They are more likely to care about the quality of their product and the people who produce it.


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