hang out in English

Let’s join the conversation… 


Your friends may not be native speakers of English but you will be amazed how much you can do together in English. A group of 4-6 people is ideal. Your friends can invite their friends if you need more people.


Try to meet regularly, once or twice a week for 45 minutes to an hour and a half . Anything less than this won’t boost your language skills.


  • Try to meet in a place with WiFi – a cafe with a good internet connection is ideal.
  • You also have the option to video chat online – using a laptop or smartphone.


Have a basic routine for your English hangout:

  • Meet and greet (in English)
  • Do an icebreaker – this will get you relax and get doing something in English. A good icebreaker is Titanic lifeboat (everyone chooses a different colour in English, find a random word from the dictionary, each person tries to use this word and their colour in a sentence. The person with the longest sentence gets a seat on the lifeboat. Lookup the word to check it has been used properly. Everyone left on deck plays again, this time making as long a sentence they can with this word and another random one from the dictionary, three words in the 3rd round, etc.)

Get daily exposure to English.

Language courses don’t always give enough time for listening or talking. So, it’s important to try and do real things in English. Take a few minutes to read, watch and listen to posts here on TALKINGTURKS. Do the 1 minute challenge, read others’ comments and write one yourself.

Make it a habit.

Here on TALKINGTURKS you can link to news, weather, travel, cultural events, shopping, ebooks, healthy living, hobbies, technology, sports and other online resources for using your English, synonyms, idioms and more. In this way you’ll be doing something in English – everyday!

BUT… when it comes to speaking, you need regular conversation.

A friendly chat will tune your listening and get you talking.

• If you have a friend who speaks English … try to chat to them once a week or so. Face-to-face, skype or on the phone.

• Make foreign friends or chat to your existing ones! Do things in English, together. It’s fun –  hang out in English.

• Join a conversation classA good one will boost your listening and speaking skills. Practical exercises, role play and games help you to interact and focus on what’s being said. You’ll hear and adopt new words, pick up expressions and enhance your pronunciation.

“Like a walk in the park, it’s worth taking time out to do something refreshing in English. 

Bruce Graves, conversation coach

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