What’s the weather like? – winter

test yourself:


Now, do the same with these pictures…

So, if somebody asks you “What’s the weather like?”, just look outside and use one of the phrases we’ve just been looking at.

“It’s snowy in Ankara today” or “It’s snowing.”

“It’s sunny”, or “It’s bright and sunny.”

“We are having wet weather”, or simply “It’s raining.”

Only use the ending “ing” if something is falling out of the sky like rain or snow. Don’t say, “It’s sunning” or “winding”, these words mean something else!

Generally if something is falling out of the sky (rain or snow), we can say the weather is “bad”. People may also use  “terrible”, “horrrible”, “dreadful”, or “awful”.

Good weather = you won’t get wet if you go outside. People may also use “fine”, “nice”, “pleasant”, “lovely”, “wonderful”, or “gorgeous”.

If it’s not raining, snowing or sunny, it’s most probably cloudy. If there is some sun and some cloud….we can say “it’s partly cloudy ” 

or if the sky is completely covered by cloud, we can say “it’s cloudy or clouded over”, or “mostly cloudy.”

 Now, let’s imagine you have a friend in London. You can start by saying “It’s raining in Istanbul.” Then ask, “What’s your weather like in London?”

Or, you could say “It’s raining in Istanbul but the forecast is for good weather over the weekend.” Or… “We’ve got bad weather but it will clear up this weekend, what’s it like in London?”

Your friend may reply “Oh, it’s freezing, many people are snowed-in and Heathrow airport is closed.”

If there is a lot of snow that blocks the roads and you have to stay at home, you may say “We are snowed-in”.

You can also say something about the temperature and what you are wearing. This helps your friend to imagine how cold it is…

Wear a jumper or a jacket.
Dress warmly; bring an
umbrella or waterproofs.

Wear something warm
like a coat or an anorak.
Boots would be good too.

Wear your coat, hat,
scarf, gloves and boots.
Bring an umbrella too.

Its freezing! Wear your
warmest gear.


1 minute challenge

Go to the online weather report and enter the name of your city. It will give you a weather report in English (showing what the weather is like right now) and a weather forecast (showing what the weather will be like later today and over the next few days).

Now, imagine a friend is coming to visit you from England. They want to know what the weather’s going to be like and what clothes to bring. Write a short message to them.

Post your message in the reply/comment box below.


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