Pamuk Prenses

Pamuk found us three years ago during a weekend break in Cappadocia. She was a beggar at one of the last restaurants still open in Uçhisar. Unfortunately it was also about to close for the winter. What would happen to the kitten?

It was not a difficult decision to adopt her. We asked for a box and the waiter’s young son cried as we put the kitten into it. I asked if she had a name. “Yes,” said the waiter, “it’s Pamuk”.

Pamuk means cotton. Actually, she was not much bigger than a cotton-ball. Seconds after leaving the restaurant, this little cotton-ball was fighting it’s way out the box. Once out, she curled up on Aylin’s lap and purred all the way to her new home in Ankara.

Today, Pamuk Prenses as I call her, is a beautiful cat. She’s an Angora or Ankara breed, with long, white fur, green eyes and a pink nose and toes! Ankara cats have a special personality. They love water, are very independent but playful, even naughty. She scratches the armchairs but I forgive her because she scratches my mother-in-law as well!

1 minute challenge:

1. What kind of words are shown in italics? What do we call them?

2. In your own words, why do you think we adopted Pamuk?

Post your answers in the comment box. I will check them and get back to you.

Vimeo <— watch the video of this post on vimeo


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