resources for using English

news and weather…

Al Jazeera English

Take a minute to watch the news in English. Euronews broadcasts in Turkish as well as English. It also has transcripts of most stories – so you can read as well as listen to them. Good news – TRT will also be launching an English channel this year 🙂

Turkish daily news online and in English.

What’s the weather like? local & world weather

Entertainment, culture and events…

Whats on around the world?

aids to using English …

Online dictionary English – Turkish.

Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary (with pronounciation).

Find another word (synonym) Test your vocabulary

Get your head around Idioms – commonly used expressions that have a special meaning! In fact I have now decided to highlight idioms on this blog – in orange – so, try to listen out for them and enjoy finding out what they mean.

Puzzles… synonym word puzzle

Make a note in your diary… try this – it really helps me keep track of new words and phrases. Use it to grow your vocabulary and use up those empty spaces in your diary!


I’m always on the lookout for online resources for talkingturks. So, if you know of something useful, please drop the details into the form below. Thanks. Bruce Graves